Our Mission and Vision

24.11.2021 16:19

Our Mission

The aim of the center is to conduct research on the Middle Ages of Muş and its environs, especially the Seljuk history and the subjects of Manzikert, to turn the research into academic and popular publications, to create a written and visual accumulation within the framework of its field of interest, and to present the products to the public. It is to research the historical and cultural heritage of Muş and its surroundings in the Middle Ages, especially the Seljuk history and the Battle of Manzikert, and to share them with the public by turning them into information and qualified publications. However, if there is a demand, by providing the necessary support for the realization and dissemination of investigations, research and all kinds of project production initiatives on the field of interest; coordinating and providing consultancy services to projects related to its field at regional, national and international levels; to participate in national and international events, also within the same field, to take initiatives in working areas and to carry out applications.


Our Vision

Education and training programs, projects, conferences, courses, workshops, panels, talks, seminars, national and international congresses, symposiums, exhibitions for all kinds of researchers, artists, photographers, designers and students operating in fields of interest and related fields. To organize events such as summer and winter schools, academic, cultural and literary competitions; to issue documents, certificates and publications regarding the activities in such events, and to cooperate with real and legal persons in the fields required by the Center. In addition, to provide written resources, study and presentation opportunities to researchers. To encourage and support researchers who are doing master’s and doctorate studies on or related to their field of interest and to undertake the printing, publication and distribution of qualified theses. To support and encourage literary and philosophical studies related to the field of interest.

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