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Where is Manzikert?


Manzikert is one of the five districts of Muş province, located in the Upper Murat section of the Eastern Anatolian region. Located in the easternmost part of Muş, the town of Malazgirt is surrounded by Ağrı Patnos from the east, Bulanık from the west, Ahlat from the south and Murat River from the north. The district is located on the Muş-Ağrı highway and is 137 km away from the center of Muş. Located at an altitude of 1530 meters, the town of Malazgirt is surrounded by high mountains exceeding two thousand meters. In the south of the district, there are Yakupağa, Visit and Süphan Mountains, in the east there is Cemalverdi Mountain, and in the north Laladağı. The wide Malazgirt Plain stretches between this elevation. According to 2018 data, the population of the district is 51,323.


What are the Historical and Touristic Buildings in Manzikert?


As a settlement with a deep-rooted historical past, Manzikert has witnessed many civilizations. The most important of these are Assyrian, Urartian, Seljuk Ahlatşah and Ottomans, whose permanent traces are still found today. In this context, many castles, bridges, waterways and cemeteries from the Urartians, who gave the city its name, preserve its existence. In addition to these, there are also remains of castles, inns, caravanserais, mosques, small mosques, graveyards and other settlements from the Seljuk and Ottoman periods. Artifacts of historical value in the center of Manzikert and its villages are as follows: Manzikert Castle, Tıkızlı Castle, Zincirli Castle, Bostan Castle, Hatun Bridge, Kız Bridge, Martyrs’ Cemetery, Silk Road crossing and Han ruins. There are also tombstones similar to the mound and Ahlat Seljuk tombs in many villages. The Alparslan statue, which was built to commemorate the Manzikert Victory after the 1970s, and the Victory Monument are among the places visited. As a matter of fact, the region where the Victory Monument, which was erected in the area where the Battle of Manzikert was fought, is located, was declared “Malazgirt Battle Historical National Park” by the General Directorate of Nature Conservation and National Parks in 2018.


When Did the First Manzikert Celebrations Start?


On August 26, 1971, on the 900th anniversary of the Manzikert Victory, an official state ceremony was held with the participation of the President, Prime Minister, Ministers and Army Commanders. Meanwhile, the Manzikert Castle was repaired, the Alparslan statue and the foundation of the Manzikert monument were laid. Archery, karakucak wrestling, country running and scouting shows were held within the framework of this ceremony.


When was the Manzikert Monument Built?


The foundations of the 1071 Victory Monument, which symbolizes the entry of the Turks into Anatolia, were laid on August 26, 1971, when President Cevdet Sunay was in Manzikert for the ceremonies. A competition was organized for the monument by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in 1970, and this competition was won by Architect Mustafa Aslaner. The monument, whose foundation was laid in the historical Mengüç Gazi District of Manzikert, could not be completed for many years. Finally, the monument, whose construction was completed in 1992, was put into service. The monument, which consists of two columns facing each other with a height of fifty-two meters, shows the entry of the Turks into Anatolia.

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